Help! I’m getting a divorce.

What about our house?

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Divorce and your house

The first four steps you need to take:

This is not intended for legal advice.  You need a good divorce attorney to give you advice.

When I first ventured into the real estate industry years ago, I did so with the hopes of helping sellers like you avoid the headaches often associated with the home-selling process. In my years of consulting experience, not only have I helped alleviate the stress of selling for numerous clients, but I’ve also accumulated over 30 years of knowledge to help them get more money for their homes in the least amount of time.

I truly wish there was no need for my videos, consulting, website or book.

Why? Because we are facing the topic of divorce.

I do not know of anyone who, on their wedding day, ponders a future divorce.

Nevertheless, here they find themselves. Their dream did not flourish and now face the need of trustworthy advisors.
This couple not only faces legal questions regarding their home and assets (how to divide their assets equitably, when to fight and when to walk away), but often require emotional support with the goal of recovery following the divorce process and outcome.

As I was working on my certification to become a Real Estate Divorce Specialist, I wished several things:

  • I wish that there was no battling over custody, visitation, special events, school concerts, plays and games.
  • I wish that divorce attorneys did not have to negotiate between spouses regarding the children.  That the question never came up about “Who gets the kids for Thanksgiving and Christmas?” or “Where do the kids spend their summer vacations?”
  • I wish teachers, therapists and those in ministry did not have to spend a significant amount of their time counseling individuals with wounds, guilt, and emotional scars.  Or how to successfully navigate a loss of life purpose, direction and identity, by assisting them how to establish the “new normal.”
  • I wish Realtors® did not have to negotiate over the painful details when selling the family home with years of memories and traditions.  
  • I wish that our American culture was not saturated with the pain of divorce.  Millions are suffering, whether that is as an ex-spouse, child, adult child of parents going through a divorce, or In-laws and grandparents wondering how they will see the kids and grandkids each year.
  • I wish that divorce did not happen today!  But unfortunately, it does. Divorce is a sorrowful reality yet does not appear to be ending.  Millions of couples have divorced or WILL get divorced.   Sometimes, with even the best of intentions, counseling and assistance, couples may experience a breakup.

So that is why I’m trying to help. Whether that is through face-to-face meetings, resource referrals of professionals that can help along the way, this book, Best Selling Options In A Divorce, my blogs or Q&As. We all need help during times of crisis and divorce is definitely a time of crisis. Divorce ranks as number 2 on the stress list for adults and children alike.

That being said, please let me know how I can help you. If you want to setup a face-to-face meeting and discuss what is the next step, just let me know. I’m standing by, ready to assist, confident that I CAN help you.

Free Book provided by Mark Cravens, Real Estate Divorce Specialist

“Best Selling Options In A Divorce”

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This book provides home selling strategies to net you the most  money possible in the shortest amount of time.

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From getting your home ready for sale to pricing it correctly, this book offers tips to simplify the process and effectively sell your home.


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Negotiation Mistakes

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About Mark Cravens

Mark was raised in the Chicagoland area with his sister.

At the age of 14, Mark aspired of being a manager. Never in a million years did he think he’d stumble into the real estate industry, but you can’t always predict where or when you’ll discover what you’re meant to do in life. 

Mark was taught at a young age that if you want something in life, you have to work for it. So that’s what he did. And he worked hard.

As the years went by, Mark worked his way from a rental car management program to a real estate appraiser. After building up 3 offices for others, he decided to do it for himself. He opened First Quality Appraisals, Inc. in 1992 and was blessed to work with an 8-person team.

Mark noticed in the late 1990s that this thing called “The Internet” was going to enable appraisers to work from home and be his competition, so he set out to become a real estate consultant. He worked with investors in South Tampa who encouraged him to help others with his unique consulting skills. He launched his business, First Quality Homes, a year later and has received 98% of his work from referrals and repeat business.

He loves helping clients navigate through their real estate goals whether it is buying a home for the first time, selling and downsizing or facing harder life challenges like death of a spouse or a divorce.

He brings a very capable network of advisors, subcontractors, insurance and finance specialists together, so his clients receive “WOW” service and they just want to tell others about their experience.

He has truly been blessed to receive 5-star ratings on his reviews in Zillow and Trulia. He has several agents from his past closings that look for his listings so they can experience a high-level of professionalism and aptitude.

As his career advanced, Mark found his stride working with divorcing couples, successful business people that wanted to move up to lakefront properties and adult children that inherited property from their parents. Each of these clients really were looking for an expert with compassion, understanding and problem-solving skills.

Throughout his career, Mark has earned numerous accolades, including:

  • 98% referral rate
  • Selling/buying 15-17 homes per year, versus the average agent with 2.3 homes per year.
  • 5 Star Rating on Zillow and Trulia
  • Over 37 years of experience in real estate including: appraising, brokerage, development, construction and renovations.
  • Author/Speaker and Radio/TV guest
  • Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialist

Mark lives in Lutz with his wife, Jill. He is blessed with 3 wonderful sons and their wives. In his free time, he enjoys coaching volleyball, playing Pickleball, and fishing.

Mark aims to provide the highest level of service to his clients and takes deep pride in helping them achieve their real estate goals.

Testimonials & Reviews for Mark Cravens

Here’s a list of people whom I have helped buy or sell a home, and what they said about working with me: 
Our Home Sold in 32 days for 98% of the Asking Price!
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My husband and I "tagged along" with my son and daughter-in-law who were looking at a home that was for sale (they ended up buying that home). It happens that Mark was the Realtor® showing the home which my son and his family purchased. My husband and I were impressed with Mark's professionalism and knowledge, and decided to ask Mark to be our Realtor® when we also placed our home for sale. It just felt "right", as we had come to know Mark through our son's purchase, and felt secure in the knowledge that we were hiring a trusted Realtor®.
“Above and Beyond… (Sold for 100% of asking price in just 7 days)”
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I was the buyer of a home that Mark's client was selling. Even though at the time Mark wasn't our Realtor®, he really came through for us when there were problems that crept up with the home's septic system. In my opinion, the true test of a person’s abilities come from how they handle a situation, when something goes wrong and Mark clearly had the knowledge to help navigate the problem. We liked Mark so much we decided to use him as our Realtor® when we went to sell our home. I would recommend Mark to anyone looking to buy or sell a home!
“Incredible Attention to Detail”
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Mark is excellent in every area including integrity, thoughtfulness, and incredible attention to detail when selling our 5,000 sq.ft. waterfront home. Mark went above and beyond the norm for understanding the competition in order to best position the sale of our home. Thank you, Mark!
“Thorough and helpful!” Sold for 98% of asking price in just 8 days!
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Mark helped with the selling process on what to focus on to make the house appealing, through the process to getting the house under contract and planning on looking at houses to buy, and through the various hurdles that came up. Also helped through the process of buying a new build for our dream home.
“Right guidance…highly detailed.” Sold in 5 days above asking price!
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Mark did an exceptional job selling our home and giving the right guidance. He is very detailed and helped us along each step of the process.. Also helped us find our new home, did a great job!
“Sold at full price in one day… $20,000 above our neighbor’s home and our expectations!”
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We originally met Mark through Zillow to look at a golf course home. We quickly realized he was very knowledgeable and had years of experience. He was able to show us items that had been renovated and other items that still needed to be updated/repaired. He asked us questions to find out exactly what we were looking for in our next home and he found us the perfect home in a great neighborhood! That might sound easy, but we really liked our old home and needed this to be a fantastic place that met or exceeded our expectations to make us move.

However, we found we were in a "Catch 22" situation; we had our current home to sell before we could buy and in a "Seller's Market" he had to negotiate with the listing agent and show them why we were the best buyers and that we would sell our house quickly. Mark was very thorough with the house comps, explained everything in detail to us, and showed us what would be the best price for a quick sale that also put $20,000 more than we originally thought in our pocket! We agreed with his assessment and he placed it on the market on a Friday. By Saturday we had our full price offer and the closing went great!
We sold our home and closed on our new place with very little stress due to the team that Mark has put together to handle all the details! Thank you Mark!
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We have already recommended him to family and they just closed on their home with him as well!! Mark exceeded our expectations in a Realtor®. He was so knowledgeable, professional, quick to reply, and on top of everything. He knew the answers to all of our questions, and if he wasn't sure he would verify and get back to us super quick! I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to buy or sell their home! We can't thank you enough! You can trust Mark to look out for your best interests, give you timely advice and carry through with a professional closing!
“Our Home Sold in 25 hours for 100% of the Asking Price!”
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Awesome! Went to look at a house out of curiosity of what was closer to work. Mark was the Realtor® that helped me at this first place. It didn't work but I looked at another a week later that was our dream home. MARK ran the number and comps for us immediately.

Once we knew it was reachable, he came out that evening to take photos and look at the house we were selling. Listed and under contract in 25 hours. Buying the new house was as smooth. Mark has excellent attention to detail and very thorough. He made the difficult process of buying and selling as easy as can be imagined and was always available for questions. Would (and have) recommended him to family and friends.

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